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Terry Jastrow at the ICC

In the long span of mankind’s existence, there have been thousands of wars fought both large and small. Over time, weaponry has become more sophisticated and human causalities have risen alarmingly. Within the last few decades, too many massively destructive wars have occurred.

In 1939, German dictator Adolf Hitler started World War II in Europe. In 1955, U.S. Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon started the Vietnam War, and in 2013 George W. Bush waged his war on Iraq. And only a few weeks ago, USSR President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine.

Such wars are happening more frequently and the trend portends disaster for humankind.

The existential dilemma is that if leaders, dictators, and autocrats can wage illegal wars with impunity, mankind is destined to have more such wars more frequently in the future? And, given the ever-increasing sophistication of weaponry, the chance of surviving such wars is diminishing.

However, there is something that can stop this madness, the International Criminal Court which was created after World War II by peace-loving people at the United Nations and is located today in The Hague on the western coast of the Netherlands.

The organizing principle of the International Criminal Court a.k.a. the ICC, is that if a nation is unable or unwilling to arrest and bring to trial suspected criminals of international crimes, then the case becomes a matter of international law as adjudicated by the ICC. According to the Rome Statute, the governing document for international law, crimes within the jurisdiction of the ICC are The crime of genocide, Crimes against humanity, War crimes, and The crime of aggression.

So, if you’re fed up with these illegal wars and are concerned about the future of this planet, pay attention to what Vladimir Putin is doing in Ukraine to the Ukrainian people, and decide for yourself if he is committing one or more of the crimes listed above.

If you think what Putin is doing is criminal, please join the ever-growing chorus of peace-loving people around the world who plead for… no demand that Putin be arrested and brought to trial at the ICC for crimes he has already committed and others he will commit on a daily basis until he stops the fighting.

If you’re wondering how a leader of a superpower could be put on trial at the International Criminal Court, I urge you to read my novel, THE TRIAL OF GEORGE W. BUSH, which is available on Amazon.

What next? Please do not think or hope someone else is handling this problem. Take some responsibility yourself; stay informed about this ongoing human disaster and advocate aggressively for peace, not war, now and in the future.

Peace people, not war.
Terry Jastrow

PS. An excellent source of continually updated information on wars can be found at the Human Rights Foundation website … hrf.org.

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